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Edit Anthony was born in Sacramento, CA. He has two brothers, of which we know one is named Matthew, as mentioned in “Anthony’s Long Lost Animation. From 10th October to November , Anthony was in a relationship with and engaged to starting 29th June Kalel Cullen. They announced their split on Thursday 4th December , the decision was mutual and the two still remain good friends. When he was a freshman, Anthony got his driver’s license, but he got a car and drove earlier as he used to drop Ian home after school, as mentioned in an episode of Lunchtime with Smosh, as well as in “Draw My Life” video that he did on his personal channel. He has brown-colored eyes, slightly tan skin, and short dark brown hair with bangs which are often mistaken or made fun of as “emo hair” or an “emo flap”.

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He left the group in mid and currently has his self-titled YouTube channel which has over 2. Born on 16th September , the year-old was previously in a relationship with Kalel Cullen, and they broke up in Here, we are going to talk about his current relationship status and his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kalel Cullen.

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating?

Anthony asks Ian about who he’s dating which is a girl named Jenny. Anthony wonders why Ian’s date sounds hot. Ian suddenly finds their dates who looks “so freaking space hot”.

He has decided to keep his romantic life with Miel a bit more private than with Kalel. They do post some vlogs together online but not to the extent that Kalel and he did. Some claim that his departure has made the channel very unstable and shaky, however. In an interview with NewMedia Rockstars, Anthony had said that he would obviously choose Squirtle as his starter and then catch a Rattata further to fight the first Gym Leader.

After the release of the video a large social media argument happened, started by Kalel. In ” The Future Sucks! Anthony is killed many times in the videos and holds the record for most times died while playing as himself. In his second “Draw My Life” he stated that the relationship with Kalel was manipulative and throughout most of it he feels now he was being used.

This originally started just as support for Kalel who also abstains from animal products , but he switched fully in for health reasons. Some fans to this day still comment on videos asking for him to grow his emo hair back out. This gave him the chance to learn how to code and create a forum to chat with friends, called smosh.

Kalel Cullen

They were one of the most loved, followed and let us not forget to mention the highest paid YouTubers. Despite their successful career, Anthony left the channel in and started his solo project. As of , he runs his self-titled YouTube channel which has more than 2. How much is the Youtuber worth? Know his journey to be one of the highest paid YouTubers.

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He is Ian ‘s best friend and the founder of Smosh Productions. On June 14, Anthony officially announced he had left Smosh to become an independent content creator. Contents [ show ] Personality Anthony was often shown as smarter, obedient, and more mature than Ian though their personalities are hardly different as he often knows much more about the world than Ian does, which is shown throughout Smosh: However, he is sometimes childish because he believes that Toy Story is real which makes Anthony a bit dim-witted and delusional.

It is often hard to explain the personality of both Ian and Anthony as they often role-play and vary their attitude.

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Apr 11,  · Best Answer: u can find her on twitter pennylane and formspring also facebook. yes, their still dating Probably, probably not. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have girlfriends, but it’s better to take the tiniest bit of salt with anyone’s claim to be Status: Resolved.

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I went to take a shower and then made myself anime-girl cute. After finishing eating and cleaning the doorbell rang. Hey ready for your lesson? Sure, lets head to my room. Ian took out his phone and started taping. Well, here’s the one all you guys chose

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Kalel & Anthony Break Up Story!

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