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In the 2nd century, it was the location of a Roman theatre. Over the next few centuries, several other churches were constructed, only to be destroyed by invading forces such as the Goths and the Huns. The basic cross design of the present basilica, with its two east towers and one tower-cupola, is believed to be the fifth structure to be constructed on the site and was built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in the middle of the 6th century It is thus a contemporary of the better-known Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople. During the Second Bulgarian Empire spanning the 12th to 14th centuries , the structure acquired the status of a metropolitan church. In the 14th century, the church gave its name to the city.

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It was officially opened with a ceremony in It features a covered inner yard taking up the centre of five of the building’s seven floors. There are more than stores, several cafes, a pharmacy, beauty parlors, bank offices and parking lots. There are also two hypermarkets presented in the mall:

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See more The first steps are made under the cultural influence of Thracians, Proto-Bulgarians and Slavs 9th century. The national architecture quickly started shaping its own face. By the end of 10th century it has already freed itself from foreign influence and created its own See more Viticulture and wine producing in the lands of present-day Bulgaria are an age-old tradition.

Excavations from ancient settlements show grape seeds and berries dating back to 6, BC! In Thracian times our geographical region was famous as a place where vines were planted and wine See more Gourmets all over the world have been attracted for ages by the temptations of Bulgarian cuisine. There are plenty of countries in the world boasting a varied and delicious cuisine, along with long-standing culinary traditions.

The methods of preparation used in Bulgarian

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Tour Overview Before setting foot in these two countries found in Eastern Europe, it would be easy to confuse them as quite similar. Both are lands with a sprawling history, impressive nature, and sophisticated cities. Either country will impress with its fascinating culture that has remained since medieval times into the communist eras of the 20th century. However, by taking our Romania and Bulgaria tours, one discovers that these two neighbours are each unique in their experiences.

Our Romania and Bulgaria tours start with an arrival to Bucharest, where we are greeted by castles and churches. From the new Renaissance architecture found at Peles and Pelisor Castles to the Dracula folklore inspired by Bran Castle, there is more than meets the eye in terms of towers and furniture collections. Much of Romania feels still medieval in its beauty. Old world charms become apparent in the narrow winding streets, houses with thick walls and huge portals painted in vivid colours, towers, and churches found around every corner.

Where clock towers still adorn town halls and fortified walls surround the town centres. It is a place where across the Transylvanian plateau towns have a marked history of bloodshed, a predictable outcome for a country resting within the crossroads of Europe. In times of war and times of peace, religion has always been prevalent in this area, and Romania and Bulgaria tours make several stops to highlight its importance. Along the way between the old medieval towns and ancient monasteries, our Romania and Bulgaria tours will discover the Carpathian mountains that make a wide curve, having left a network of craggy peaks, dense forests and green meadows that nature enthusiasts will revel in.

From there, our journey continues south, to one of the most exuberant nations in the Balkans.


Most of the visitors skip the capital of Bulgaria, assuming it is not worth visiting. Green parks perfect for strolls and picnics The capital of Bulgaria is full of greenness, which is quite surprising for a capital city. They stroll around, make picnics, sit down on the grass and have a couple of beers while chatting with friends. There are families with children, lots of young people practicing sports or merely hanging out.

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The monastery dates back to the 10th century but has been plundered and burned down several times. The present building has been built in the mid th century. Located in the gorgeous mountain scenery of the Rila mountains, it is considered the highest achievement of Bulgarian monumental architecture of the National Revival period. The murals of this famous church reflect both Byzantine and local traditions of the preceding two centuries. One of the portraits in the church is unanimously considered a genuine masterpiece of 13th century painting, created years before the European renaissance.

They form a second layer over the paintings from earlier centuries and represent one of the most complete and well-preserved monuments of mediaeval art in the Balkans. Dating back to the 4th-3rd century BC the frescoes are representing a couple at a ritual funeral feast.

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Other articles where History of Bulgaria is discussed: Bulgaria: History: Evidence of human habitation in the area of Bulgaria dates from sometime within the Middle Paleolithic Period (Old Stone Age; , to 40, bce). Agricultural communities, though, appeared in the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age), and in the Bronze Age the lands.

David Cameron backed Eric Pickles in refusing to publish estimates for how big the influx into Britain might be ‘Eric Pickles took that view [that the figures should not be released yet]. He based his estimates on shocking figures which showed the number of Eastern Europeans already living in Britain is equal to 1. The astonishing revelation effectively means that one in every 67 citizens of eight former communist nations has moved here.

Philippa Roe, leader of Westminster City Council, said: Tory MP Philip Hollobone has estimated that as many as , Bulgarians and Romanians could come to the UK from next year Romanians and Bulgarians will also get free access to the UK jobs market from the end of this year when temporary restrictions are lifted. However, Mr Pickles said he is not yet ‘absolutely confident’ about estimates he has been given of the probable number of migrants expected to arrive from the two countries.

European ‘freedom of movement’ rules will from give 29million Bulgarians and Romanians the right to live and work in Britain. Forecasters believe it will lead to a significant number of new arrivals, similar to the flood of migrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries after they gained the same rights in The numbers of migrant workers arriving in the UK is likely to be increased by the economic problems affecting the rest of Europe, it has been claimed.

One in three people cites the divisions between foreigners and those born in the UK as the biggest problem facing the country.

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Women’s Choir The Bulgarian people have long known that the human voice is much more expressive in song than in conversation. In their tradition, they have taken the art of singing to the top of its artistic expression. The perfection which is at the core of traditional Bulgarian folklore is the outcome of efforts dating back some thousand years ago and it has passed on from generation to generation through the centuries. Their throat vocal technique is based upon a completely natural kind of sound production, sustaining the voice by using the neck muscles, instead of the diaphragm.

The cast and crew of ‘Brahmastra’ has been busy with proceedings in Bulgaria for quite some time now. And the sets of the film saw President of India Ram Nath Kovind paying a visit on Wednesday.

The great thing about Sofia is that the quiet of wilderness is never more than just an hour away. Like I have Grapefruit-Mint Beer? The key is understanding how buses are organized. Sometimes they include resort towns like Rila, Koprivshtitsa, and Belogradchik. Bulgaria is divided up into 28 oblasts provinces that all have a provincial capital. The provinces luckily are named after these capitals for example Blagoevgrad is the capital of the Blagoevgrad province.

There are buses from Sofia going to every single oblast. Within the oblasts, they are further divided into obshtinas municipalities of which there are in the entire country in , some municipalities with large population losses were consolidated into other municipalities. If you need to get to a municipality, there will be a bus from the The bus schedule for Avtogara Zapad, as of August 22nd, For example, I traveled to Trun which is a municipality in the Pernik Oblast, in southwestern Bulgaria.

Luckily, there are several Sofia-Trun buses, albeit leaving from Avtogara Zapad, but they all pass through Pernik, which has additional buses going to Trun. Almost all municipalities will have a bus station, and its from these municipal bus station that you can reach the smallest villages, within the boundaries of the municipality. Most villages have at least one round-trip bus a day.

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Contributions What follows is the list of the ten most significant contributions and remarkable facts about Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the only country in the world to have dismissed an elected municipal official over playing Farmville. In addition, Bulgaria has fostered the talents of coaches and choreographers such as Neshka Robeva who had a brilliant career in gymnastics as a coach, with her gymnasts earning medals, and has choreographed world-renowned performances with a fusion of Bulgarian folklore and gymnastics: Bulgaria is one of the largest brain-power exporters in the world.

Bulgarian women are known for their courage, talent and beauty.

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Biblical, Greek and Latin like much of Europe , but also Slavic and Protobulgarian names abound among the population, with various regional varieties and pronunciations. The first two are Biblical, after St. John the Baptist, respectively, while the last is the name of an important Orthodox military saint, St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, and is distantly related to the Ancient Greek goddess Demeter.

Naming Customs In Bulgaria, babies are often named after older relatives often grandparents and very rarely after their fathers, for reasons that will become clear soon. Historically, as a single name stopped being enough, people were identified by their given names and also those of their fathers using the possessive suffix -ov.

For example, Ivan, the son of Dimitar would be known in the village as Ivan Dimitrov, literally Ivan belonging to Dimitar. Family names could end in -ov, but also -ev and, more rarely, -ski. After these two rounds of name-giving, Bulgarians emerged with a three-name system as follows: Gender and accord Bulgarian names are gendered, meaning that the suffix of the patronymic and family name changes depending on whether the person is male or female.

Ivan Stefanov Dimitrov met a girl and asked her name. Per tradition, the imennik is supposed to prepare to receive well-wishers and guests on his name day without inviting any. Nowadays, Bulgarians prefer to invite friends and family to celebrate instead, and name days are less lavishly observed than birthdays.


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